CHC Chair and Committee Assignments


Council of Heads of College Committees, 2016-2017

Steering Committee:

Stephen Davis, Chair of CHC
Betsy Bradley, Chair of Services
Margaret Clark, Chair of Education and Student Life
Mary Lui, Chair of Arts and Awards

Services Committee:

Betsy Bradley, Chair
Richard Schottenfeld
Charles Bailyn
Tina Lu
Robert Sullivan
Christina Ferando
Christine Muller
Lloyd Suttle
Two residential college deans
Sergio Gonzalez, assigned OM

Education and Student Life Committee:

Margaret Clark, Chair
Steve Pitti
Catherine Panter-Brick
David Evans
Camille Lizarribar
Ryan Brasseaux
April Ruiz
Micah Luce, assigned OM

Arts and Awards Committee:

Mary Lui, Chair
Tom Near
Mark Saltzman
Susan Cahan
Kathryn Krier
Jesse Royce Hill
Joel Silverman
Cyndi Erickson and Gygi Jennings, assigned OMs