CHC Chair and Committee Assignments


Council of Heads of College Committees, 2017-2018

Steering Committee

Stephen Davis, Chair of CHC

Margaret Clark, Chair of Services

Laurie Santos, Chair of Education and Student Life

Mary Lui, Chair of Arts and Awards

Services Committee

Margaret Clark, Chair

Steve Pitti

Catherine Panter-Brick

Charles Bailyn

Tina Lu

Christina Ferando, residential college dean           

Christine Muller, residential college dean

Robert Sullivan

Lloyd Suttle

Sergio Gonzalez, OM

Education and Student Life Committee

Laurie Santos, Chair

Julia Adams (Intercultural Affairs Council Representative)

Tom Near (NCAA Athletics Liaison)

David Evans (Freshman Orientation Committee Representative)

Ryan Brasseaux, residential college dean

Surjit Chandhoke, residential college dean

Camille Lizarribar

Marc Levenson, OM

Arts and Awards Committee

Mary Lui, Chair

Mark Saltzman

Enrique De La Cruz

John Witt

Jessie Royce Hill, residential college dean

Renita Miller, residential college dean

Kathryn Krier

Micah Luce, OM

Gygi Jennings, OM