About Us

The fourteen sitting Heads of College make up the Council of the Heads of College. The Chair of the Council is appointed by the President for a term of three years with the possibility of one re-appointment. Head of College Stephen Davis of Pierson College is currently serving as Chair. The Council meets approximately eight times during the academic year to consider matters which are relevant to all colleges. There are three standing committees, each chaired by a Head of College, which meet on an ad hoc basis. These committees address Facilities and Services in the colleges, select Community and Performing Arts awards, and Education and Student Life. The Chair of the Council runs the Steering Committee which is comprised of the chairs of the three standing committee and the Chair of the Council. The Steering Committee coordinates the business of the Council, setting the agenda for the monthly meetings and overseeing the colleges’ finances. The Council of the Heads of College is often joined at its monthly meetings by the Dean of Yale College. On occasion, the Council invites guests to make presentations on topics relevant to the entire residential college community.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the residential colleges is to provide an intimate and supportive community designed to promote the social, intellectual and personal growth of Yale undergraduates.


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Council of the Heads of College Staff