CHC Chair and Committee Assignments

Council of Heads of College Committees, 2021-2022

Steering Committee

Julia Adams, Chair,
CHC Mary Lui, Chair, Arts & Awards
Mark Saltzman, Chair, Services
Laurie Santos, Chair, Education & Student Life

Decanal representatives to Steering, co-developing Heads/Deans agendas:
Brianne Bilsky
Ryan Brasseaux

Standing Committees

Arts & Awards Committee

Mary Lui, Chair
Catherine Panter-Brick
Christina Ferando
David Francis
Kate Krier, Head, Undergraduate Production
Micah Luce, OM Saybrook (CPA)
Alexa Martindale, OM Morse (CPA, shadowing Micah)
Anna Reynolds, OM Hopper (Awards)

Education and Student Life Committee

Laurie Santos, Chair
Enrique De La Cruz
Tina Lu
Leanna Barlow
Jorge Torres
Melanie Boyd, Dean of Student Affairs
Suzanne McDermott, OM Franklin
Tamelia Fleming, OM Pierson (shadowing Suzanne)

Committee on Teaching in the Residential Colleges (CTRC)

Dave Evans, Chair
Steve Davis
Christina Ferando, Director, Residential College Seminar Program
Leanna Barlow
George Levesque, Dean of Academic Programs
Shaffrona Phillip-Christie, OM Davenport

Services Committee

Mark Saltzman, Chair
Alicia Schmidt Camacho
Tom Near
Angie Gleason
Jorge Torres
Sergio Gonzalez, OM Silliman
Melissa Jungeblut, OM Pauli Murray (shadowing Sergio)