Junior Awards

The F. Wilder Bellamy Jr. Memorial Prize

Established in 1939 by friends of F. Wilder Bellamy, Jr., B.A. 1937.  Awarded to a Junior, who best exemplifies the qualities for which F. Wilder Bellamy, Jr. is remembered.  Bellamy, who graduated from Davenport in 1937, was a person of attractive personality and high spirits.  He was a good competitor and loyal friend who took a great enjoyment in the whole range of college life:  athletics (he played squash and hockey for Davenport, and was manager of the varsity tennis team); social activities (“one of the social leaders of the entry”); and academics.  

The John C. Schroeder Award

This prize is awarded annually to a member of the Junior Class who, in the opinion of the Committee, will find their “place and play a part in the good labor of the world.” Since Mr. Schroeder was then Head of Calhoun, it can be supposed that the award is intended to honor contribution to the good life of the residential college community and to express confidence in the recipient’s later contribution to the community (or world).

Joseph Lentilhon Selden Memorial Award

Established in 1953 by Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Selden, Class of 1912, for the Joseph Lentilhon Selden Memorial Junior Award.  The award is to be given each year to a member of the Junior Class of Yale College whose verve, idealism and constructive interest in music and the humanities exemplify those qualities for which Joseph Lentilhon Selden is remembered.