Mellon Programs

For educational programs in the residential colleges, including teaching in the colleges, Mellon Senior Forums and Undergraduate Research Grants. 

Each college should have a formal application process to select undergraduates for research awards. Each college determines its own schedule for accepting applications. Research must take place during the academic year and awardees must present the results of their research either to the Senior Forum or to another educational forum in the college. It is also important that each application for the research award include the approval of a faculty advisor who will supervise the research project.  Contact your Head of College office for further information. 

Please Note: For the 2020-2021 academic year, students must abide by Yale’s Social Compact that limits travel outside Connecticut while students are “enrolled in residence” living on or off-campus.  This means research travel will only be supported during the winter break between the fall 2020 and spring 2021 academic semesters.  Moreover, with limited exceptions, only university-sponsored travel approved by the Off-Campus Research and Fieldwork Committee is permitted.  The research travel restrictions also apply to students enrolled remotely.  For more details, please see the updates on university-sponsored research travel posted on November 23rd.