Mellon Programs

For educational programs in the residential colleges, including teaching in the colleges, Mellon Senior Forums and Undergraduate Research Grants. 

Each college should have a formal application process to select undergraduates for research awards. Each college determines its own schedule for accepting applications. Research must take place during the academic year and awardees must present the results of their research either to the Senior Forum or to another educational forum in the college. It is also important that each application for the research award include the approval of a faculty advisor who will supervise the research project.  Contact your Head of College office for further information. 

Please Note: Students must abide by Yale’s Social Compact and university guidelines for travel and research.  Please read through the current COVID-19 guidelines for research and note any additional requirements your research may entail.  If your research requires travel, please read through these guidelines and restrictions on the Yale University Travel Resources webpage before making your application.